Latest web design techniques

For many years, web designers created sites designed for an audience that consisted of users with a comfortable familiarity with Internet applications. As more businesses maintain an online presence, new users of all ages, varying backgrounds and limited abilities are now valid Internet consumers. To meet this need, innovative web designers are including functionality targeted to various age groups and individuals with limited knowledge or disabilities. Incorporating state-of-the-art graphics, simplified interactive features, language translation capabilities and advanced non-visual access are some of the techniques that are now part of a well-designed and efficient website. Combined with advanced search engine optimization techniques, effective website designers now focus on reaching a broader user base.

Advanced Graphics and 3D

Web flash design techniques, one of the most popular new methods, grab attention and solve an important first step in attracting viewers. Incorporating audio and visual images and using motion and animated graphics are being incorporated into both professional and commercial sites. Using 3D technology that incorporates realistic photography with text and creative animation creates a lasting impression within a well-designed site.

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Although this technique works well to make a statement, it may also deter some viewers if the graphics are annoying or offensive. Web designers using extensive flash design methods typically analyze the expected audience, for example, younger viewers vs. mature users, and gear graphics toward that group. This web design technique requires understanding current trends and being careful not to make the site too busy, offensive or outdated.

Simplified Navigation Tools

Being able to easily navigate through a website ensures that the viewer will find the information they need without having to search back and forth on the site. Using advanced techniques such as dynamic menu creation ensures smooth navigation throughout the site. A well-designed site will seem transparent to the user but requires careful programming to work effectively. Although simple layering techniques are available from standard website design programs, knowledge of XHTML, Java Script and CSS along with the ability to plan and execute navigation tools is necessary.

Creating a website that features simple interactive capabilities appeals particularly to older adults or those users who lack confidence and patience when using the Internet. Understanding dynamic menu creation and implementing an easy to navigate site is a technique that will continue to be necessary in the future. Poorly designed navigation systems indicate a less than professional approach and may affect the website owner’s ability to generate business.

Expanding Interfaces for Bilingual and Limited Ability Users

Translating a website into various languages can be a complex problem that requires not only specific knowledge of the language but also an understanding of individual characteristic of the region. Using Meta tag techniques that optimize search engine functions can be applied to bilingual websites in order to reach a wider international audience. If the tags are used properly during the translation and setup, the website will make sense to users with various native language backgrounds. Improved bilingual access has become a necessity in today’s global marketplace.

One of the newest advances in web design involves the ability for visually impaired persons to use a website to make purchases or find information. Including voice activated functions and text alternative systems broaden the scope of available users and increases business potential. In addition, websites that include easy to read text, clear interactive functions and simplified or uncluttered graphics appeal to users with limited abilities.

Identifying the expected user base prior to designing the site ensures that the website both attracts visitors and holds their attention. The latest design techniques including flash design, Met tags and voice activation systems are currently being incorporated into new website designs, particularly if they coordinate with the overall business strategy and targeted consumer market.


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